"The thing that is really hard,

and really amazing,

is giving up on being perfect

and beginning the work

of becoming yourself."

Anna Quindlen

I have travelled a long distance on my healing journey and the greatest strides towards finding my Inner Balance has been accomplished with Reiki!  

It's hard to describe just how much of a difference Reiki has made in my life.   With the treatments I received, I experienced some really amazing healing which helped me to release the pain and negative energies I had been carrying around since my childhood!  Reiki helped me to break down the walls I had put up for protection; it changed my beliefs about myself, life and others.   Reiki has given me a new reality of loving, liking and believing in myself.  ​ 

Whenever I give a treatment, I am so in awe of the Reiki energy and how it helps not only the people I am treating, but myself too!  I keep saying to myself  that I wish so many other people could experience it to0;  I want to help people experience how calm, relaxing and peaceful it feels when you have a treatment and how it can help ease pain, stress and anxiety.  It's awesome when people became aware of how "real" the energy is and how it  helps them both physically and emotionally.  That's why I chose to start my own practice!  I want to help you to experience this amazing healing Reiki energy; enabling you to help heal yourself and achieve "your" Inner Balance!  

I have been giving Reiki treatments for several years since my classes and love it!  I've been asked by clients if  I would teach Reiki to them.  With great consideration, I've decided that it would be an honor to teach others Reiki and I am now offering Usui Reiki Level I and Level II classes; either individually or group classes by request.