What are the Benefits of Reiki Treatments?

 • Relaxation and stress reduction.

 • Natural pain relief; reduces and may      relieve aches, pains and headaches.

 • Assists the body’s ability to heal naturally, 

   alongside any medical treatments.

 • Increased vitality and energy levels.

 • Sense of well-being, peace and balance.


 • Improved outlook on life.


 • Quiets the mind.


 • Aids digestion and improves sleep.


 • Assists in achieving personal goals.


 • May release blocked or suppressed          emotions and  feelings.


 • Decreased anxiety


• Improved self-esteem

What is Reiki


• Reiki healing is a hands-on healing technique which originated late 19th century Japan and was developed by Mikao Usui.


• Reiki is gentle, harmless and healing.


• Reiki treatments involve the Reiki Practitioner placing their hands gently on the fully clothed client in various hand positions (or slightly above if client prefers to not have hands-on) and channelling the Reiki energy to the client.  Treatments can be done on a massage table or sitting in a chair.


• Reiki is “intelligent” - the energy will go where it is needed.


• Reiki clears energy pathways within the body, brings balance, and allows one’s life force to flow in a natural, healthy way.


• Reiki is “holistic”; it treats the whole person – body, mind and spirit.


• Reiki is complimentary to medical, psychological and body-work treatments, enhancing their benefits; it is not a replacement.  Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose or provide any medical advice.

What you may experience during and after a Reiki Treatment:

• Feeling warmth or cold from Practitioner’s       hands


• Tingling sensations


• Feel pleasantly calm and relaxed


• See beautiful colors or dreams/visions


• Feel emotional; crying or laughing


• Travelling aches or pains


• Slight energy twitches in body; arms/legs       jerk (release of energy blockages)


• Light headed/slight dizziness


Not everyone will have the same experience with Reiki and not every treatment will be the same! Clients may or may not feel or notice anything during the treatment; however, the energy is doing its work  Any side effects that may be experienced, such as light headedness, aches/pains, emotional reactions, etc. are related to the release of energy blockages and should dissipate within a day or so after treatment.  


It is recommended to drink plenty of water for first few days after treatment; rest if your feel tired and let the emotions pass by (notice them and release them).  It is all part of the energy blockage release.